Dear A.S.S.,
I have come across this Facebook posting by a scammer Danish Matin See living here. From his language, I cannot tell whether he is a foreigner or a local, but his English sounds suspicious like a foreigner behind a local profile.
He says he is trying to raise funds for a badly injured community cat by the name of "Tiger", and is asking for donations from various Singapore cat lovers groups like CATSI (Cats around the S'pore island), KittyCat Singapore, Cats cats cats (Cats3).
At first, I would have believed the person but then somebody from Clinic for Pets posted a photo of a police report lodged against this Danish Matin See.
The person from Clinic for Pets says that the clinic did not see the cat, Tiger, and did not issue the receipt posted up by the scammer Danish Matin See. When people called the clinic to enquire about the status of Tiger, the clinic could not find any records of the cat, and so the clinic representative lodged a police report.
Hope everyone can be warned of this suspected foreigner trying to scam Singaporeans! Please share if you can!
A.S.S. Reader

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