While many Singaporeans have expressed outrage at the slapping incident especially of a daughter against her own mother, MSF Minister Tan Chuan Jin however gave an ambiguous comment saying it could just be a family petty quarrel:

“It’s a fine line. We all know you have altercations and tiffs within families and you want to respect the family’s space, but I think we do need to raise awareness and step in when we need to. A lot of it has to do with the community, people who observe this. Do we just let it pass? Sometimes we may find it difficult to step in, but that’s where perhaps we should flag it.”

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) said that they will ensure the elderly woman’s safety, but did not explain how.

As of now, it appears the 25 year old woman is now back at home with her mother who is likely to suffer more physical abuse. According to their neighbour, the 58 year old mother was last seen taken to a hospital with a bandaged head.

The Singapore Police today did not arrest the 25 year old woman who was caught on video slapping her 58 year old mother because “voluntarily causing hurt is not an arrestable offence”, according to Singapore Government-controlled media, Channel News Asia (CNA).

However, this slapping incident is similar to Amos Yee’s slapping incident yet his assailant was arrested on the following day. The Singapore Police did not explain why there is a discrepancy in arrestable offence between the two incidents.

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