Dear ASS,

I read your article about the rich tai tai who scolded her children for not clearing their own mess after dining at McDonalds. First I like to applaud her for the good parenting but there are problems with this approach too.

The disadvantage of clearing up after ourselves is we may be depriving a much needed job for the aunties and uncle hoping to gain employment after retirement.

If we clear and tidy up the tables chairs and return it ourselves, there would be no need to hire cleaners. Instead, what I usually do is to tidy up the trash on the service tray and leave everything nicely on the table. This makes it easier for aunties and uncles to clear up.

This way McDonalds still have a reason or need to give more employment to the needy aunties or uncle out there. These food outlets are making huge profits and employment costs are already factored into the margins.

If you do the cleaning for the companies, only the company will be happy as they are making more money. The elderly who need a part time job to kill time or make ends meet will end up jobless.

We as the consumers must decide whether we can to enrich the companies or help the needy auntie and uncles.

Fred Wong

A.S.S. Contributor

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