Foreigners who bring their families over under the Dependant or Long Term Visit Pass from 1st September this year will need to be paid a higher salary in order to do so, says the Ministry of Manpower website.

According to the MOM advisory, work pass holders will need to earn a minimum fixed monthly salary of $5,000 to sponsor their spouse or children to stay in Singapore on the dependant’s pass, up from the current $4,000.

Work pass holders will also need to earn at least $10,000 to sponsor the stay of their parents here on the Long Term Visit Pass, up from the current $8,000.

There are 178,900 Employment Pass holders and 170,100 S Pass holders here as of December 2014, according to the ministry’s website.

The last time a similar review was carried out was in September 2012, when MOM said S Pass and EP holders who earn at least S$4,000 can sponsor their spouses and children, while only P1 Pass holders can sponsor their parents.

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