I read with great interest, your publication of a letter by and would like to share a similar experience I had with all readers too.

In February this year, Mr Victor Lye visited my home to find out more about my financial difficulties caused by my life savings being cheated from a former assistant director of MAS who ran a scam in conjunction with “Datuks Sri” Ray and Bryannz Fan of Cuffz Holdings Pte Ltd in which police have yet to commence any action since June 2013 when the first report was made.

Mr Lye then gave me some rations, NTUC vouchers and wrote to SSO Bedok. That was the last I heard of him or received assistance from the Punggol C.C. A few weeks later, I received the rejection letter listing almost exactly the same reasons in Chris’s letter, albeit a little different in that it sarcastically states I am able to afford buying a subsidized 4 room flat directly from the HDB and should not be having any problems supporting my 2 daughters (1 autistic) as a single parent.

I just threw the letter away and struggled on until I met Mr Gilbert Goh who kindly helped my child and I and did many kind Singaporeans who came forward to offer us much needed aid.

That was not the end of the story, lo and behold, I met Mr Lye again on another of his fruitless house visits and was told the SSO informed his branch that I had loads of cash stashed from the en-bloc of my previous flat and I am rich. Upon hearing that, I don’t what to say as I’ve stressed time and again to Mr Lye, that my entire savings have been cheated by his Young PAP Harold Fook in a fix deposit scam.

Either he’s not listening or simply does not wish to highlight this for fear of further implicating the already bad reputation of his party’s youth wing who I have reasons to believe, are behind the “Fabrications About the PAP” page. Do not doubt our political acumen as we were the first in the country to cause a GRC to fall and kicked out 2 serving ministers, a speaker of parliament and a potential office holder now moved to a safer seat in Sembawang. Hope Sembawang will find our rejected second hand good, useful for them.

The problem with the WP is that they’re not prepared to win a GRC and run a Town Council and are thus, overwhelmed by these issues to spare enough time to look into resident’s welfare besides the occasional kopi sessions and free hair cut. They also do not have a comprehensive backup plan when the PAP advisers cut off the local ComCare assistance following the WP victory. Our plight will go on and on with many more of such stories until the rest of the 60% wake up and put a stop to all these!

Yours faithfully,
Ms SH Chow
A.S.S. Contributor

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