Dear All Singapore Stuff,

This is a complaint feedback on cab number sh7..(car plate number has been deleted as action has been taken on the driver). At 2.20pm i was hailing an available cab, sh7..c. The indian driver showed a deragotary sign/gesture (a joke usually made on transvestite)

I am a man who happens to look androgynous and have my long wet hair out and I am not a transgender nor a transvestite. The indian man drove away but to my surprise, he made a u-turn further down at owen road and passed me and yet did the ‘limp-hands gesture of going back and forth to me.” I felt really disturbed.

No one should go through this on how someone looks or even if someone is whoever they are as a person. This is a mental disease and outright bullying.

I hope this man will be warned for judging potential customers in the future or I will bring this to the social media and make it viral to good journalist sources that I have.

Thank you for reading this.”

Comfort Cab Customer Service Reply:

Dear Mr. Medina,

Re: Derogatory Actions By Driver of SH7..C and Failure to Pickup Passenger When Available

Thank you for writing in with your valued feedback. First and foremost, I would like to deeply apologise for your appalling and ultimately distasteful experience with the driver of SH….C

In their line of work, our drivers are expected to to convey passengers without any element of stigmatism. At no time should the driver of SH….C have ever flashed any derogatory gesture at you. His personal beliefs should not interfere or worse still, affect his ability to carry out his job effectively.

Please be assured that we have spoken to this driver, and rebuked him for his disgraceful actions towards you on that afternoon of July 17th. We have also issued him an official warning for failing to pick up a passenger despite his taxi being available for hire, which will now be filed in his performance record. Going forward, we will now monitor him closely and any similar transgressions committed by him can result in the termination of his hiring contract with us.

Once again, please accept our deepest apologies for your most unpleasant experience with us, and we greatly appreciate your feedback that has allowed us to take the appropriate corrective action against this driver.


Even for my day job as a perfumer, i do take a jab here and there by judgmental customers but it is usually easy to brush off. People would tell me the Female toilet is at the other side, but that’s ok.

Basically, I have had enough and felt I should speak up not only for me, for those who have been hurting inside in this conservative country i call home. Companies like Comfort Delgro gives me hope of a more positive and open-minded Singapore.

Hanz Moniefiero Medina
A.S.S. Contributor

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