A video of a 58 year-old woman being slapped by her daughter has attracted the attention of Singapore netizens, many of whom have come out to condemn the actions of the woman who slapped the elderly lady – apparently her own daughter.

According to their neighbour, 25 year-old Mohd Juani Ali, who filmed the incident in secret outside their flat at Block 48 Lower Delta Road on Monday. the abuse happened “frequently” for as long as six months, but he only managed to capture their act when he chanced upon the scene.

“In front of other people they never do this. When there are no people around, they would start to hit the aunty.

“Actually, I don’t want to be involved in this matter, but I can’t bear to see the aunty like this, so It thought I should report it to the authorities,” Mohd Juani said. “Before this, she was healthy, unlike the state she is in, as seen in the video. Now, her head is even shaved botak and I pity her.”

Several people on Facebook have hailed Mohd Juani as a hero for blowing the whistle on the assault, but he shrugged it off, saying he did not do it for fame. “Actually, I don’t need all that,” he said. “As a human being, I think we should all help each other because I can’t bear to see the pain she suffered.”

He added that the expose was a combined effort. “If I didn’t share it, and you didn’t help me share it, we wouldn’t have helped the aunty.” His initial video, uploaded on Monday night, has been shared more than 28,600 times and garnered more than 600,000 views.

The daughter in the video is currently assisting the police with investigations and the case has been classified as voluntarily causing hurt.

No one appeared to be at home when the news team visited the flat. A note on a wall near the gate, apparently written by the daughter, said that the family owed people money and that her father had left the family.

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