Dear All Singapore Stuff,

At 856am today Tuesday July 21st 2015, I managed to book a cab via GrabTaxi to get me to work. Here are my booking details:

Pick up: Bukit Batok West Ave 5
Drop off: Leng Kee Road
Note to driver: Waiting INFRONT of Blk 526, OPPOSITE McDonalds. Along West Ave 5.

Seconds after my booking got confirmed, the driver by the name of Mr NEO LIAN TIONG driving cab number SHB 2196A which belongs to Comfort Taxi called and said, “Hello? You never put block number! I cannot find you” I politely told him that I am waiting along West Ave 5. Which he then said, “Okay okay, I will go find you” So I waited.

By looking at the GrabTaxi tracking app, he was literally just a few meters away from me. All he had to do was drive straight up a little bit further and he could have seen me. At 902am he called and shouted, “EH I THINK YOU BETTER CANCEL THE BOOKING! CANCEL THE BOOKING! I CANNOT FIND YOU!” Which he then hung up before I could even say anything. I called him back, trying to tell him my location nicely and that I am just straight ahead, keep driving straight. He lashed back and said, “NO NO NO! IT’S OKAY! JUST CANCEL MY BOOKING! I CANNOT FIND YOU! GO BOOK ANOTHER CAB!” Hangs up again before I could even utter a word.

Wow. Just, WOW!

I attempted to give him a call back with the heart to guide him to my location but it went unanswered. It is amazing yet very unacceptable how a service provider or a human being for this matter, possesses such rudeness and attitude. Maybe he had a bad morning or he woke up at the wrong side of the bed this morning, whatever. The least he could have done is call and ask my location NICELY instead of RUDELY DEMANDING ME TO CANCEL MY BOOKING BECAUSE HE CANNOT FIND ME THEN HANGING UP ON ME JUST LIKE THAT, TWICE! Very, VERY rude! Imagine the shock I got and anger I felt when he suddenly called shouting DEMANDING me to cancel my booking like that.

Was he mad about my pick up location that it wasn’t a traditional Postal Code? Was my ‘Note To The Driver’ not clear enough? Was he mad because he really couldn’t find me? Was he mad because he was lost around that area and got really frustrated? Or did he decide to conveniently pick up another passenger along the way? Nonetheless, nothing gave him the right to shout and be rude like he owns me! Such rude demand, from a service provider is really unacceptable.

I am a service provider myself and I have been, for the past 10years but I definitely DO NOT possess such attitude. To the ones who think that this story is one sided, I would LOVE for Mr Neo to come forward and tell his side of the story. Please sir, it would make my entire day to hear what you have to say!

Thank you though Mr Neo, for ruining my morning.

Niz R
A.S.S. Contributor

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