Someone needed to send an urgent mail to Australia and went to Singpost and asked, how fast can you send it?

Singpost counter staff replied 1 to 2 working days by DHL at SGD 50. Else normal post at $1.30 will take 6 working days.

So he took up the DHL $50 service but DHL didn’t deliver as promised by second working day. He called up and asked why mail didn’t reached as promised, then they told him will reach by the FORTH working day. He protested and eventually the mail reached by the third working day.

Later he asked for refund but Singpost offered only a $25 refund.

Later they show him the terms and conditions of DHL and claimed that the promise of 1 to 2 working day is only for established cities. But the fact is that when they want to earn that premium $50 they didn’t show him that terms and conditions!

Thereafter, they just ignore this very unhappy customer.

DHL has acquired Singpost. Isn’t this a conflict of interests whereby normal mail could take longer so that sales could be diverted to the more lucrative DHL express service?

But the worse thing is that when they don’t deliver as promised but only put up substandard service, they just get away with it like that?

Anyway, Lesson learned, don’t just believe those sensational advertisement. And That’s what happen when PAP GOVT keeps selling off our key assets.

Goh Meng Seng

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