Dear Editor,

I together with my fellow colleagues, would like to share our frustration as customer service associates at MOH because we are pretty annoyed handling the queries and MP letters from all over the island due to policy deficiencies which allows people to fall through various loopholes. What particularly annoys us the most is the fact we have to respond to representations from non elected and unconstitutional PAP chairman from Aljunied writing on ‘behalf’ of the residents.

That’s just one side of the story! The other is that we have to look into these letters and find ways and means to reject them as the political leadership of MOH remarked that Aljunied residents did not support their colleagues at the polls and therefore, the PAP government does not have the obligation to “look after” or entertain their queries. Despite redirecting numerous MP letters and reminding the various CEOs of the profitable restructured hospitals to look into these concerns, we still continue to receive inquires as those hospitals lack the leadership and will to resolve them and as far as MOH is concerned, they are privatized thus we do not interfere in the way they run the hospitals even if it is detrimental to citizens. I’m sure your readers have experienced this in one way or another and know that I’m telling the truth.

This and several other incidences have caused us at MOH to ponder if we should still be supporting this current government as it is steered way off course and there is none able to steer them back or “tame” them. It is very detestable for PMO to “appoint” these PAP Chairman to attend to Aljunied residents then do a “flip-flop” from the end point by asking us to reject most appeals from these Chairmen in addition to rejecting the ones from the WP MPs of course. I was told this is the repentance tactic that the late LKY talked about if Aljunied decided to vote WP.

In that case, the PAP government is indeed “roti prata-ing”. They instructed us back in 1997 to ignore all letters from the late honorable JB Jeyaratnam as he is a non-constituency MP but is now allowing their own Aljunied branch Chairmen to do the same. In this instance, I think Mrs Lina Chiam, Mr Yee Jenn Jong, Gerald Giam and the various NMPs should hold MPSes too and write in for all Singaporeans as we should not be wasting tax dollars paying them to do nothing. It is the job of all MPs to reflect concerns and injustices from the ground regardless.

Upset Public Servant

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