Editor's Note: A.S.S. previously published an article reporting on the complaints of a group of parents – they said that MOE had promised to build a new JC for their children but ended up delaying the new JC building project for an unreasonably long period of time. This email is a follow-up to the previous article from one of the parents of the affected chidren, who says she is tired of being mistreated and ignored by the Ministry of Education. Read her letter below:
With the SJI upgrading project delay, it has affected the new JC's arrangement to use Bishan-ITE holding site. Instead of the initial "best alternative" at Bishan-ITE as proposed by MOE, MOE relocated the new JC holding site to Mt Sinai (Ghim Moh), emphasizing that distance should not be an issue to JC-age students. We are not talking about students from Bishan, but all the way from the north (Woodlands) and East (Changi/Seng Kang). 
We are not saying that our JC-age children can't take the challenge. We are talking about BROKEN PROMISES. Unbelievable that MOE can change their view immediately just to cover up the delay, labeling parents as over-protective.
Students and parents trusted the new JC that do not have a track record and was "sold" the idea of the new building with all the wonderful facilities and convenient location. But now, nothing, only delays and delays without proper explanation. Yet students are given NO ALTERNATIVE to get out of this arrangement.
Initially, parents and students for year 2012 PSLE batch were told that the new JC building would be ready for the 1st batch in year 2017, and at point of time, MOE already know the delay but did not highlight this point to parents and students for them to make a decision.
This is not about appreciating what we have in a first world country like Singapore, it's about trust and promises by our first class leaders.
Singapore main media refused to cover this issue and MPs who help raise the question in Parliament did question MOE fully and even the not-complete question was given a half answer.
We believe
i) if MOE start construction now, the school building can be ready by end
year 2017
ii) if SJI to speed up their upgrading, they can complete by end year 2016.
Thank you.
P.S. Till today, there was no formal apology from MOE.
Angry Parent

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