Long long time ago, I knew of Malaysian colleagues who were working in Singapore holding onto their Malaysian citizenship while accepting Singapore PR in order to buy resale HDB flats; put their children through Singapore school system (to avoid compulsory Bahasa requirements & to learn Mandarin) & simply competing against Singaporeans for good jobs unlike in Malaysia where the NEP policy restricts them. Of course, they will be internally grateful to the PAP for their fortunate blessings.

Where do you think the 60.1% voting majority for the PAP came from? Malaysians who were long-term PRs converted to Singapore citizens. They would even polish the PAP’s brass balls, served in grassroots & kiss where the sun don’t shine if they were ordered to!

One ex-colleague was from Johore who commute daily via the Woodlands Causeway in the mornings & return in the evenings. His colleagues joked that every day he gets a pay raise! Why? As the SIN$ get increasingly stronger over the years that when he return to JB, his salary increases with a pay increment when converted to Ringgit simply by crossing the Causeway. That Johore chap was smiling his Colgate whites & showing his happiness while he was being ribbed by his colleagues.

Where in the world is there a situation so good simply for being Malaysian in Johore while working in Singapore? Why do you think that LTA hike the border crossing fees for Malaysian vehicles into Singapore? It’s an indirect ‘income tax’ for Malaysian workers crossing into to Singapore to work! Over 40 years of ‘tax-free’ holiday for those Johor-to-Singapore Malaysian workers, now they have to contribute to PAP Million dollar Ministerial salaries. LOL!


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