Many people mention to me that most Singaporeans are “politically illiterate”…they are not “well educated” and will not bother about “lofty ideals or ideas of Democracy”.
Some say I should not focus on these lofty ideas or ideals but talk more about “bread and butter issues” and some even say I should go and do “ground work” like others, giving out goody bags, free lunch free breakfast etc etc.

I personally dislike to link “charity” with “politics”. I have decided to join politics basically because of PAP’s dirty tactic in attempting to buy votes via HDB upgrading back in 1997 Cheng San GRC.

I feel strongly against such vote buying exercise because this will give our children and future generations very bad example and learning, basically telling them EVERYTHING can be bought by some goodies. Even your soul can be bought over.

In retrospect, our forefathers in the turbulent 1950s and 1960s have very strong political views and acumen even though they were hardly “literate” or “educated”. They have the strong sense of up-righteousness and social justice to fight against Colonialism.

Such strong sense of social justice and political will has nothing to do with “education” but purely core human values of right and wrong. Are Singaporeans become less concern about our nation and society at large but only their own selfish “bread and butter” issues?

I hope not. But there are reasons to believe that PAP has over the years, remove that sense of social justice in our people, polluting the minds of our people with pure materialism of selfishness. This has nothing to do with most people of being “politically illiterate” but rather, a deliberate social engineering which created such “citizenry of political ignorance”

We have to right this wrong in Post-LKY era. Post-LKY is the golden opportunity for us to CHANGE and reform our political system into a REAL Democracy and this has to start with re-introduction of the Political Consciousness to our people.

Goh Meng Seng

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