Hundreds of fishes were found belly up and giving off a foul stench this morning at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park today after residents reportedly complained of the stench that could be smelt from as far as the main roads surrounding the park.

According to the media, cleaners were seen picking up the fish and putting them into plastic bags this morning as early as 10AM. One of themsaid that he and his team had already filled about 10-15 bags of fish and that the clean-up could take another day or two.

“The fish were all bloated and floated up on the water. I thought it would just be a few fish but didn’t expect that there would be so many,” said the cleaner who declined to be named.

In February last year, 400 dead tilapia and mayan cichlid fishes similarly turned up dead along a stream at Bishan Park. At that time, the National Water Agency (PUB) said that the deaths of those fishes were likely due to hot and dry weather.

Is there something the PUB is not telling us about the water at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio? What do you think?

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