According to the lawyer representing Amos Yee, Amos’s defence wants a non-Christian judge to hear Amos’ appeal when his case goes before the High Court.

In a previous article, it was reported that Amos had said on his Facebook that he would appeal both his conviction and sentence. His lawyer Alfred Dodwell filed the notice of appeal on 9th July, 3 days after Amos was released from remand.

Yee was found guilty on 12th May and given 4 weeks jail on 6th July, which meant that he walked free on the day that his sentence was meted out. He had been in remand for more than 50 days.

According to one of his lawyers, Ervin Tan, the request for a non-Christian judge was based on “the fundamental principle that justice should manifestly be seen to be done.”

Amos’ case in the State Courts was heard by a non-Christian judge, District Judge Jasvender Kaur, during the two-day trial in May.

In her judgment, Judge Kaur found Yee had deliberately made “clearly derogatory” comments about Jesus Christ in his YouTube video, which criticised Singapore’s founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew and drew comparisons between Christ and Mr Lee.

She said: “By making an analogy between the two different subjects, the accused was pointing to the same alleged denigrating similarities between Mr Lee and his followers, and Jesus and Christians.”

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