Yup, we’re talking about donating money to me again, because If you starved for 5 days and was on the brink of suicide, you might as well exploit it for cold-hard cash!

Now I fully admit that subconsciously I might just be asking for money because of selfish desires, and that’s like a fine and human quality to me, which people keep on saying that it’s a huge flaw, and that it shows you’re greedy. Again I reiterate, what the fuck is wrong with wanting to have the means to buy the stuff that you want? I think people are just really butthurt jealous that I’m getting money from this, my job’s much more fun than yours I know.

You see, I’m the kind of guy who likes video games with a distinct sense of progression, which is why I mostly play video games with a distinct end in their story lines (Mario, Legend Of Zelda etc.) and if it’s open-world, I have never gotten into Minecraft, and in Animal Crossing, I’m only concerned with catching as many red snappers, getting as much bells and maxing the upgrades to my house. So I completely acknowledge. I do have the psychological thrill of seeing the money in my bank account go up.

Do realize that unlike Youtube (Which much to the dismay of my fans, is the medium I’m unconcerned with at this point), you can’t get money from ads and monetization on Facebook and blogs, or at least, I haven’t found a way to do so. But regardless, I would still produce writing regardless of whether or not somebody donated, because the process and the experience in it of itself is enough reward for me, though it doesn’t have to be the only reward.

Oh, and also people have been saying they’re only willing to donate if I have a bitcoin account. I’m not going to use Bitcoin because, I’m not fully convinced at this the purported privacy of the transactions of bitcoin comparatively, nor do I give much of a fuck to learn about it at this point, because it seems really complicated and I’m currently in the midst of attempting to comprehend the Theory of relatively, so just send the money over to my Paypal, Jesus.

So to support Amos Yee as an artist, and potentially assuage his mental condition, give your money to Amos Yee. If you’re willing to pay like $80 to watch a Singaporean play, you’d probably be willing to give like a quarter of that amount to me, especially since one of them doesn’t suck.

OCBC SAVINGS : 656-9-110387 (Swift Code: OCBCSGSG)
Paypal: [email protected]
Patreon page:

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