Dear editor

I am glad to see your site is posting content that reflect reality on the ground and tell the political leadership what the heartlands are feeling.

It is not the first time grassroots are not reflecting situation on the ground. Even till now, we have heard Singaporeans complaining that RC members put up Singapore flags on HDB blocks because their MPs, usually ministerial levels ones are visiting the precinct! Even before the MPs go door-to-door in HDB blocks, their RC members will recce the units and inform residents that MPs are coming. I usually tell these RC members I am not keen to meet the MPs and they will give me a disgusted look and jot down my unit number in their little notebook.

As a former RC volunteer, I can assure you that pro-PAP netizens and PAP ‘Internet Brigade’ are going to feedback to the PAP political leadership that your site is xenophobic because there are posts that reflects Singaporeans’ disdain for foreigners thank to the recent incident in SMRT train when a true Singaporean stood up for a another who was bullied by a Caucasian. In that viral video, fellow commuters in the train started booing the Caucasian and taunted him to “go back to his country”.

Let me quote Lee Kuan Yew, “They have got it all wrong!”. The PAP political leadership has been getting things wrong by listening to the wrong feedback from RC and PAP volunteers.

Singaporeans do not dislike foreigners. I think Singaporeans are reacting in these ‘xeno’ manner because their nationalistic instincts are awakening. It has been 50 years since our country was founded and our national identity are currently being forged. Our grandparents and our parents have shared memories of colonial past when they were being talked down upon and led-on by their colonial masters. Fast forward to recent times, global events such as 2008 financial crisis, Greece euro crisis, and the rise of China and India have made Singaporeans doubt the superiority of “Angmohs” who are losing the hegemonic influence they used to have.

PAP should not be overly concerned with all these perceived xenophobic comments because I am certain Singaporeans have witnessed the hyprocisy of western values such as freedom and human rights that do not solve bread & butter issues. Singaporeans have began to appreciate the legacies of Lee Kuan Yew who affirmed Asian values that promoted community bonding, strong work ethics, collective effort, and stability over freedom. These values contradicted what the Caucasians have advocated. Are “Angmohs” more superior than Singaporeans? Nope. They are not!

As we head towards 9th of August, the PAP leadership should reflect on what it constitutes to be a Singaporean and understand the basis of our behaviour instead of brandishing the xenophobic label as an easier alternative.

Marcus Chan

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