Editor's Note: Our reader Thomas, who is a Singaporean PR, sent this email saying that he respectfully disagrees with an article that A.S.S. had published from our contributor, M. Firdaus. View the article by M. Firdaus here.
Hello M. Firdaus
Rather than write a long email in response to your article I saw posted on one of my friend's pages today I will just give you the reply I left on  his page —  
"I disagree. The vast majority of foreigners probably do not look down upon Singaporeans. There's just been a couple a–holes to make an example out of but their mentality shouldn't be applied to all of us. 
If anything I think Singaporeans may look down on foreigners.
I certainly can't get any to offer me employment for many jobs I am qualified for. Should I then conclude all Singaporeans look down on foreigners?"
A little more background on my employment statement. Despite PR status, 2 Diplomas, 12 years experience in the credit industry, 5 years experience in the insurance industry and 3 years experience in the F&B industry I have been unemployed since October. 10 MONTHS. In that time I have drained my bank account because SG doesn't have any assistance programs for the long term unemployed. Certainly not your fault. Just saying.  I only recently received an offer for employment from a company based in China. I was interviewed by non-Singaporeans.  
What do you make of that?
Thomas Trog II

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