Would like to applaud our vigilant police officers for detaining a “criminal” like me. It seems to me that having more than one Handphone in possession is now a crime. I was detained for more than an hour even after none of the phones in my possession matched their stolen phone records.

Furthermore it was made clear to them that I’m in the Handphone repair trade the minute they asked for my particulars. I had more than 13 LCDs for handphones and they had to ask what they are used for.

Despite having proven, beyond reasonable doubt, that the phones belong to my clients, I was surrounded my 8 police officers at the entrance of the train station. With my belongings being rummaged, it looked no different than an arrest to the onlooking peak hour crowd.

Should a man be suspected as a criminal just because of his previous convictions from half a decade ago? -That’s the question of the day.

From a school drop out to a undergraduate at a local university who runs a small business on the sidelines, even solid evidence could be not used to justify myself.

I believe an ex offender is no more likely to commit an offense than any other man if not less likely because he has tasted the consequences of it.

This is the police doing their job to keep the country safe. This is what I call discrimination. Thank you officers. ‪#‎sg50‬

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