Editor's Note: Ever since we published an article about a PRC bus driver who had asked a local commuter about where he can obtain paid sex with minors, our contributor has come under immense pressure from the employer of the PRC driver, SBS Transit, and the government. No action has been taken against this PRC driver. Read a letter from our contributor's son, who has become disillusion with SBS and the government because of the persecution of his father.
*Our contributor's son also sent this email to members of the Singapore Police Force.
Dear Editor,
My father has since come under tremendous stress after your posting of this incident and I would like to express my disappointment as a student of Geylang Methodist with SBS and this government as a whole, which allows Singaporeans to be displaced at the expense of foreigners as well as siding with them even when they have committed obvious wrongs against us.
While the China driver has emerged relatively unscathed from this incident, my poor father has continuously been interrogated by the director of SBS for reporting this matter to the authorities and repeated their stance of it being a non-issue as nothing has taken place yet. The government is always anticipating for something serious to happen before they will commence any action, sick isn't it!
I would like to point out to the SBS directors as a secondary student with limited knowledge that provisions in the penal code allows for prosecution even when nothing has happened. Insults to a woman's modesty and attempting/intending to commit offence are such examples as with the recent POHA. The government's inaction or slap on the wrist "punishment" for foreigners has not gone unnoticed by students, on the contrary, we have been engaging our parents on political issues and feel their stress of providing for us in addition to us not having a stake and future in this country.
Instead of solving citizen's problems, this government has solved foreigner ones instead while leaving us out to dry like salted fish. Perusing Roy and Amos, planting moles in opposition camp to mascaraed are but cheap, low moves of a government desperate to hold on to power. Don't you think that punishing all but 1 participant of last year's "Return our CPF" has not sunk in on us that 1 of them is a government plant, in addition to her numerous insinuations of a "corrupt government" to land other activists but herself in trouble. Try harder PAP, we already have cognition of your despicable tactics.
Yours faithfully,
S.N. Lim

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