Whenever foreigners misbehaves, Singaporeans must always self-reflect and think maybe we are wrong … Whenever Singaporeans misbehaves we blame it on ourselves not anyone elses, so foreigners can’t do no wrong? The foreigners are the ones who should watch their manners because they are guests here.

The thing I notices from people from PAP and the local papers they have this mentality of always looking for its own citizens faults and look down on its people, this kind of mentality has to stop, you should be nurturing your own people not condemn them any chance you seem fit …

I hope more Singaporeans would stand up to ppl like this who wants to condemn and look down on its own people all the time. Even when Singaporeans ask for rights about jobs regarding foreign PMETs which is monopolizing the PMETs jobs, we can see numerous times local papers ridiculing and making fun of local PMETs as pampered, mediocre, expensive and timid and even the government never take side with locals and sides with outsiders(foreigners).

This kind of remarks condemning our local talents have opened up to foreigners condemning us too, it is like they see wah even their own government condemn them and defending us, greatest country in the world!

Where else can you see the medias and government condemning their own people and talents while defending outsiders, all these could factor to why foreigners acts like this angmoh bully in Singapore, think about it.

M. Firdaus
A.S.S. Contributor

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