I received my MP’s letter/card to collect SG Funpack. Having no time to read the content carefully, I just read the date and time allocated for my collection.

I went to collect with my card. The grassroots leaders required my I.C. I didn’t bring because I went in my casual clothing and just took with me the card.

While waiting, I noticed one grassroots leader instructed another one not to let someone in the queue before me choose the design he preferred, saying, if everyone wants to choose, how are we to carry out our work? The design that man liked was right there for distribution. Is it difficult to just let him have it?

When another one in another row of queue had his I.C. number entered on the grassroots leader’s form and signed on it, that seemingly more senior grassroots leader ran over to sign on his card, with a body language loud and clear that she was making sure no one will come and collect a second time. Then he was directed to the collection queue.

As for me, I am just too tired. I’d rather go back and sleep. I have to work, pay income tax, so that the government can give away SG Funpack and other things. I am paying for what I am to collect. But they make it a big giveaway from them.

Remember to bring your I.C. MP said so. Don’t you read? My fault, I didn’t.

People’s Disassociation

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