Was plannin to go to Johor Bahru temple.. So went to a money changer shop to change money..a Chinese lady was on the phone..other customer service officer (CSO) was also busy serving others.. But this one lady was on the phone for too long.. Customer service on the phone is important but what about customers waiting in the line??

We waited for some time. Me and my daughter…after waiting for sometime.. I got tired.. U see i m a diabetic n stroke patient.. My daughter asked the lady on the phone.. “Excuse me.. But anybody goin to serve us…”

That lady still in the phone.. Replied rudely.. “Go there,” pointing at e other lady who was attending to a another person!!

Still till this moment that lady didn’t look up at us.. I got upset.. I asked “no body to serve us!” and the lady gave me a long and don care kind of look…and my daughter noticing these asked her “Why are u starring at my mum??.”

We left the counter unattended by anybody…n didn’t change any currency…the lady who was on the phone all the while was not a Singaporean.. and I can see tat she does not wan to attend to customers.

Why hire these kind of people… By having these kind of people.. U r tarnishing singapore CSO’s image.. I am very disappointed. By the way I was treated.. By a foreigner..

I have been in Boon Lay area for the past five years and had never come across this kind of customer service…and after all treated like this by a foreigner made me loose trust in cso service….to know that Singapore has this kind of CSO working n spoiling Singapore name is not accepted…

S. Krishnan

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