A block of Housing Development Board (HDB) flats at Toa Payoh Lorong 7 has become “infamous” for being the “smelliest HDB block” throughout the island – or so netizens say. Passersby often complain about a pungent and nauseating smell of what seems to be faeces coming from around the lower levels of Block 5, Toa Payoh Lorong 7.

According to the Chinese evening daily, one inconsiderate neighbor appears to be the cause of the persistent stench at the area.

It seems that the neighbor has been throwing packets of human faeces out from their window every day, causing the packets of filth to smash into the walking pavement below or onto the roof shelter above a senior citizens’ activity corner under the block.

According to one 80 year-old resident at Block 5, retiree Ye Liu says she had to constantly avoid the site of the “dumps” ever since she found out about her neighbor’s inconsiderate act.

“I’m very afraid of hearing loud bang sounds, because once we hear it we know that someone has thrown a bag of faeces outside. Sometimes if it lands on the pavement, residents have to help clean up the mess to prevent other elderly people from slipping on it.”

According to another resident, 41 year-old housewife Madam Lim, the dumps starting taking place in March this year. She was extremely angry with her inconsiderate neighbor because the stench of the human faeces would travel upwards and into her flat, causing the whole house to stink of faeces. To make matters worse, Madam Lim is 7 months pregnant and suffers from nausea symptoms, which are aggravated by the disgusting stench.

She added that she fears opening her windows or even turning on the air conditioning because she is afraid that the stench or the flies feasting on the filth lying on the 2nd storey roof shelter would filter into her home.

Accoding to the RC committee for the area, RC members have stepped up patrols in the area to try and identify the source of the high rise littering. They have also passed leaflets to all homes throughout the block to persuade flat owners to be more considerate.

When asked whether they had taken note of residents’ requests to install a video CCTV camera to captured the inconsiderate litterbug, the RC spokesperson said that it was a good suggestion and that they would take this issue up with their Town Council.

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