Lee Wee & Bro's Otah Tampines outlet at Tampines Mall there , the long ponytail China female sales server showed a bad attitude when I requested a receipt !!! A written receipt was given so unwillingly by her, the Indian male server is much better and understanding my request my needs !!!
A receipt is very important when you buy a meal from outside anywhere . We won't know we might or might not get food poison and the receipt is an evidence to help in dealing cases! Why can't We customers request a receipt after our purchases from your outlets stores ..
My words are clearly stated , how bad the China staffs served We Singaporeans .. Do make a survey around , I am not the only customer facing bad attitude China staffs at Tampines outlet , their unwilling manner on servings , the paper is written by your staff and given by hand to me ! 
Above matter can be solved if I just stop buying any nasi lemak and otahs from your outlet in future .. Is that what you want Lee Wee & Bros?
Ms R. Cheng
A.S.S. Contributor

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