Now several penthouse owners at the 504-unit EC estate developed by Qingjian Realty have filed complaints about rusty staircases and water seepage.
50 year-old resident Ang Chee Tiong, who owns one of the penthouses, said that he noticed rust on the staircase leading to his roof terrace after he collected his keys last September.
The EC's defects team repainted the staircase at least thrice but the rust kept returning.
"There was water seepage in two toilets and a walk-in wardrobe area as well and it's worrying," said Mr Ang, who paid more than $1 million for his 3 bedroom penthouse. "Before I moved in – in January – I noticed cracks in the glass panel of my sliding door in the balcony and the paint on the wall was peeling."
He informed the developer of the defects and they were rectified.
But Mr Ang still spent $40,000 to put up wallpaper and wall panels in his unit, and also replaced the flooring in case of future defects.
He said: "I didn't expect to have to fork out extra money, and it's very disappointing."
Mr Ang, who lives with his wife, 42, and two children, aged 13 and nine, said his master bedroom toilet has also been put out of use for three weeks, due to rectification works as a result of the foul smell coming from the roof terrace.
Another resident, 35 year-old salesman Mr Chris Yeo, said: "This unit is less than a year old but there are problems already. (The developer) has touched up my staircase twice but it's no use. The interior and material used for the staircase need to be replaced. I'm worried about how long this can last."
A Qingjian Realty spokesperson said: "Whenever a defect is raised, we will make an effort to go down and meet with the residents and rectify to our best ability. But some defects take longer to resolve."

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