Last week, police conducted a series of islandwide raids on illegal brothels operating out of Housing Development Board (HDB) flats – including this one unit in Woodlands which was allegedly used as an illegal brothel.

Yet even though the PRC prostitutes are gone, as are the suspicious looking men who frequent them, the flat continues to be used by its foreign renters as an illegal “hotel”!

Strangers carrying luggage are reportedly turning up at the unit in Woodlands Drive 73 near Admiralty MRT, says residents staying in the area. They believe that the flat is now operating as an illegal hotel.

The unit in question was originally rented out to a Filipino family before it was sublet to a mainland Chinese woman.

Online websites are purportedly advertising room rates ranging from $$50 for five hours to $70 a night. Photos of the room were also posted online.

When Chinese daily reporters from Shin Min called the phone number in question, a woman quoted a daily $100 rate for a room.

But no one answered subsequent calls or opened the unit door.

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