I’ve been suffering from Diabetes Type 2 since 2006. Lately, my follow-up is with Sengkang Polyclinic every quarterly. Due to high costs I have on a number of occasions skipped my medical review.

On 10 July I went for my review at Sengkang Polyclinic and was told that I need to go for follow-up treatment with National Eye Centre as I revealed to them that in February and July 2014 I underwent surgeries on both my eyes for cataract and glaucoma but after the post surgery compulsory checks I stopped going as each visit sets me back by between $ 70-100/- and I can’t afford it as I’m earning below $ 2000/- after CPF deduction is around $ 1600/-. I requested the Nurse to discharge me knowing fully well the risk of being blind again but do I have any other choice ?

The Medical Review on 10 July 2015 costs me $ 300/- which includes tests on both legs, doctor consultation and medication. As I didn’t have that much money, I opted not to take the medication and pay only for the consultation and tests done. Thankfully, the Cashier who attended to me asked for my NRIC to check whether have I used my Medisave before. She informed me that since my ailment is under the Chronic Illnesses I can use my Medisave at an annual cap of $ 400/-. For the bill of $ 300/- about $ 228/- was deducted from my Medisave and I paid cash $ 73/-.

The remaining Medisave balance that I can use for the year is $ 120/- which is definitely not enough for my next medical review which is in October 2015. I do not have any other choice but to skip the scheduled appointment and reschedule it to January 2016 when the new cap of $ 400/- per annum sets in.

I have $ 20,000/- in my Medisave which is my own money and yet I can’t use it to pay for my long term medical care and I am resigned to the fact that my death will be hastened due to diabetes related ailments as I don’t have cash in hand to pay.

I wish to live longer and hopefully see both my sons gets married and be a grandfather but due to this restriction in using Medisave for own personal health care, I have accepted the fact that my wish and desire will not be fulfilled unless MOH removes the annual cap on Medisave usage for quarterly for all those suffering from chronic ailments.

Diabetic Sengkang Patient

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