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Hi All Singapore Stuff.

My name is Rashid. I am working as a guard at various condo, Schools and factories.

Many think working as security guard is easy but the it is challenging for a security worker.

There are schools, factories and other sites located in out-of-way places. Usually security workers will be these tasks:

1.Change contractor passes for entry restricted area
2.Change pass when visitors is from outside
3.escort the the worker to place for safety
4.Record date and the time incoming vehicle
5.Secure of each corner of the car parking to go inside and lift up the barrier

We security workers would work 12 hours 8am to 8 pm or 8 pm to 8 am and our salary is around $1,800 – $2,000 per month

Security agencies are often short of people. Many workers do not want to work as full-time permanent staff and many chose to be part-timers or relief workers.

Sometimes these part-time security employee is only taking a salary package price of $ 80,$ 90, $ 100 a day in during holiday season or they will work short-term to cover manpower shortageand they will leave their jobs after they have completed their work.

According to these part-timers, they feel safer to work as part-timers because they had bad experiences when they were full-time staff. These negative experiences include delays payment of salaries. CPFs monies not issued in timely and sometimes they short change the CPF monies.

I urge members of the public try understand our situation. We are always understaffed, not paid well, work long hours and often we have to be abused by members of the public and yet we have to worry whether we are paid on time.

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