What started out as a simple cookie order has become a thunderstorm this Hari Raya.

According to a Facebook post by Hashidah Yusof, a Hari Raya cookie seller had acted dishonestly by delivering her Raya cookies late, forgetting part of her order and then turned unresponsive when she demanded a refund of $38. The post went viral among the community after it was posted on the Halal Food Delivery Facebook group – it has since been taken down.

Shortly after Hashidah’s expose, the fiesty makcik cookie seller came out to expose Hashidah for jumping the gun and defaming her. In a Facebook post on her personal Facebook, Nur Zihan R wrote that she was highly offended by Hashidah’s tarnishing of her image and reputation as a seller and related her side of the story:

“This lady ordered Raya cookies from me and requested delivery. She complained abt the delivery guy who was v late sending her items. She pin the blame on me because the guy was v late.

“I’ve already explained to her that i only engage the guy to do delivery for my customers orders but I m not in partnership with that guy. I do not plan his delivery schedule or routes and i cannot promise on time delivery because the courier has many other deliveries to tend to, I m not the ONLY seller who is using his courier svc.

“My mistake was I overlooked her Raya orders.. I accidentally left out kuih Makmur n Suji when I sent out her orders.The other cookies was correctly sent to her,apart from the Makmur n suji that was left out.

“So she pm me n told me to refund bk $38 for the Makmur n Suji.. Note that all along tru out my convo with her on Messenger, I ALWAYS REPLY BACK AND I ALSO APOLOGISED MANY TIMES, EXPLAINED MANY TIMES TO HER.. I told her i will refund bk her $38 but i was too bz with Raya preparation for my kids n house to do the refund right away.. I also told her i dont have ibanking so it would take some time as I was realli bz..”

But things went south when Hashidah PM-ed Nur Zihan again today but received no reply. Assuming that Nur Zihan was being evasive, Hashidah posted on Facebook angrily, declaring that Nur Zihan was a cheat and dishonest.

Nur Zihan explained why she did not reply to Hashidah immediately: “She pm me again today but I was bz cooking so i did not check my hp until last night ard 10 pm plus when I finally got to check my hp.. What a shock I got when i got to know that she posted abt me on FB.. When I read what was posted I really got angry coz she wrongly accused me and defamed me and make me look like a bloody criminal.”

To make matters worse, Nur Zihan had been blocked from the Halal Food Delivery Facebook group and could not defend herself against the accusations. Nur Zihan says she only learnt of Hashidah’s post after it went viral and a friend informed her about the post.

This is her reply to Hashidah after the whole incident: “Anyways to that lady.. Thank u for tarnishing my image,reputation n credibility as a seller.. Ur day will come soon..Anyway to all FB frens out thr, if u think I ni seller yg nk tipu u PLEASE delete me from ur fren list ok??? Lastly to that lady, I WILL SUE U FOR DEFAMATION..”

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