Yesterday morning I’ve met with a road bully near the traffic light of Bukit Puchong 2.

I saw his motorbike coming from far behind, so I put on left signal to turn, but my action caused him missed the green light and he had been impatient with me since.

He stopped his bike next to my car, showing rude gestures the whole time. He became furious when I ignored his actions.

When the light turned green, he rode his bike in front of me and kept moving in zig zag motion in front of me. I was scared and slowed down my car but still tried to ignore him. He then stopped his bike in front of my car, I had no choice but stop as his bike is blocking my way.

He took out a type of metal tool and smash on driver’s side window. I quickly took out my mobile phone to take a video of this incident. When he sees me recording, he even kicked and broke my side mirror.

After they left the scene, I immediately went to lodge a police report at Bukit Puchong police station. After giving all the details, the police officers disregard the photo and video evident, just said they would follow up.

I really hope they would take action against road bullies so that they cannot harm other road users. Please take note and always be careful.

Ms R. Tan

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