This is the female worker that stole total of $2300 while working as a midnight shift on a supermarket near her place in the north area, passing a few packet of cigarettes to her friends as well during her midnight shift work.

The establishment had make an police report against her but just seems that the policeman didn’t make any action as the policeman in charge told the owner of the supermarket that this is not the first time she had committed the crime by stealing. This incident happened nearly a week ago and no action had seems to be taken by the policeman.

The funny thing is that the worker still dare to contact the manager Incharge that when she is able to work again ?

When the owner had contacted the theft worker on when she will return all the money, the silly girl still dare to talk back and say.. You can get it from the police!

From my point of view, is this sort of an earning technique that this girl goes around stealing and cheating money from any of her workplace and goes off “through” the police ???

Instead the police can’t do anything because she is just an 17 year old girl?

By the way I’m not doubting the ability of the Singapore police force. On the other hand I was wondering what kind of family will raise such a child with such an “intelligent ” skill that she is able to run away from all sort of establiment that she had been through by stealing the money and say, ” while…. You can get it from the police”!

People, I just want you all to beware of this theft and please DONT LET HER IN TO YOUR ESTABLISMENT AND JUST TAKE AWAY YOUR HARD EARN MONEY.

Angry Employer

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