*Our contributor also sent this e-mail to members of the Singapore Police Force.

Dear sir,

I am writing to you again as I’m extremely concerned not only about the looming security situation around the area of Blk 148 Bedok Reservoir and its mosque but also another disturbing development at Bedok Bus Interchange.

I was out of the blue, approached by a China SBS bus driver who plies bus number 30, asking where he can find women to have sex with. I told him he can search the internet on his own accord as I do not patronise sleazy establishments. The conversation then diverted as the China bus driver said he wanted an even more exciting sexual relationship, one with underage girls and asked where and which secondary school has “liberal” teenage girls with “loose” morals.

Alarmed, I told him this is an offence in our country and what he told me next really shocked me beyond belief. He asked if I could offer my own teenage daughter to him and we can negotiate our mutual interests. He said this has now become common occurence in cash strapped middle income Singaporean families with materialistic daughters.

I immediately asked him for his name as I told him I’m very offended by his gestures and will be reporting this to the authorities. He then brushed me aside and quickly went into his office where I was prevented from following him. The SBS office personnel repeatedly sided with him saying this is no big deal as I didn’t intend to offer my daughter to him anyway and refused to entertain any further request for his particulars.

Police on the other hand, maintained they are unable to commence any action unless I can provide them with full particulars of the China SBS driver and refused to go on site with me to identify the offender.

I feel that it is very unbecoming of our State institutions to be so lenient with offending foreigners while being in hot pursuit of locals especially political dissidents who never committed any criminal offence. For this instance alone, I will be returning my WP MP to parliament in the upcoming election and hope that he will be protecting and secure our interest this time.

Yours faithfully,
William Lim

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