A pioneer generation PAP civil servant recently told the media and city planners in Singapore that the country needs to aim for a 10m population in order for Singapore to survive. Singapore hero Roy Ngerng gives his take on this flawed policy goal:

Can someone explain this logic? How does having a 10 million population make Singapore more sovereign?

This was said by Liu Thai Ker who was the CEO of HDB and URA’s chief planner. He is now the chairman for the Centre for Liveable Cities, another government agency under the Ministry of National Development.

He said later in the interview, that “we need people from outside,… with people from all over the world.”

How does that make us more sovereign?

But what is more sinister is that the government is planning for a 10 million population. It’s not even 6.9.

But when you look at countries like Finland, Denmark and Norway, they have only about 5 million people and that does not make them any less sovereign. And Denmark is also considered a small country, mind you!

In fact, with there being fewer and fewer Singaporeans, and the PAP government not taking care of Singaporeans, it is this that will make Singapore less sovereign.

The PAP needs to wake up its idea.

Whether a country can last or not depends on whether it invests in its people. If the country fails, it’s because its people no longer believe in it. So let’s get this straight.

Roy Ngerng

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