Dear A.S.S.,

Want to report a disgusting incident and to warn others about it.

On 30th June this year, whilst I was about to buy butter at ntuc square2, I caught a staff member popping her face pimple at the mirror wall of the freezer. Highlighted this incident to the ntuc feedback. Guess what. They replied and said they will report to the store manager and thank me for the feedback.

But when I was there on 14th July, I saw the same staff happily walking around wearing the ntuc uniform.

Inform ntuc again highlighting that when McDonald’s had a stuff washing the shoes in the sink they dismissed the staff immediately. Ntuc replied that McDonald’s has their own consideration and handles things differently. Ntuc has their own consideration and felt that pimple popping over frozen food for sale is not as serious.

Ntuc is aware of this but felt that it is not that serious. They have their cctv so they know exactly what happened and I gave them the time of the incident at 1650hrs on 30th June.
I feel the the MacDonald shoe washing is not as serious as pimple popping over food that we buy and eat.

I myself will not patronise ntuc anymore especially square2, don’t know how your readers feel about it

Annoyed Shopper

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