Dear A.S.S.,

WTF is SMRT going about with the escalator at Buona Vista MRT station?

The escalator linking CCL to EWL has been broken down since March-April. Till now it is not fixed yet.

Now only 1 escalator is working and during peak hour it gets so crowded because that is the only way to go to EWL from CCL. Many people prefer using the escalator because the climb up is much higher than normal.

Originally, they put up a notice saying it will be fixed by end of June. Then in beginning of July, they change the date to 8 July. Now they change the data again to 27 July.

Seriously, the entire MRT infrastructure is damn jialat man.

The only good things came out of this are, because the clusterfuq is now pooled at the escalator landing, instead of the platform, in a way its safer. And because of the clusterfuq, young healthy ppl some chose to take the freaking scary stairs to get their daily workout.

For elderlies and sickly or carrying bulky items/prams, its a stressful daily event trying to slowly zombie your way into the clusterfuq of ppl trying to fit into 1 functioning upriding escalalor. You need to be prompt in getting ON and OFF the escalator else you may just cause ppl to bump into you or bunch up behind u.

Angry SMRT Commuter

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