Surprise, surprise, LHL has finally admitted that the electoral boundaries review committee was formed two months back. I think this is easily the worst kept secret as you can see the sudden increase in activities by the PAP grassroots. This is also evident when the MOM has now u-turned and say that degrees from degree mills will be rejected. Just weeks ago, they stood firmly by their decision that experience is more important than “fake” degrees!! But what are the reasons for this supposedly strategic move by another “paper” general – LHL?

1. Riding on his father’s death
When Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away in March, there was already widespread speculation that election will be held SIX months from his death. Not only have we been bombarded with images of the Singapore that Mr Lee has built, there are also the SG 50 celebration that has been ongoing. Well, in the absence of a strong leadership, one have no choice but to “parasite” on whoever’s death in order to gain an edge over its political rivals. Just look at Taiwan’s ex-President – Chen Shui Bian. He was so desperate to cling on to power that he had to stage his own assassination attempt!!

2. Hitting WP when they are in the middle of lawsuits
LHL is obviously confident that they have done significant damage with the law suits against WP’s handling of their town councils. Well, I for one will not be fooled. Firstly, this is just an accounting problem. The respective towns are still running very well on their own. Secondly, all this stem from the original withdrawal of the software that $2 AIM was involved in. Up to now, I still cannot believe that you can anyhow withdraw a software developed with state funds just because the estate has fallen into opposition hands. “BUSUK” – if u ask me!! Thirdly, town council management should revert to HDB charge in the first place in order for all to enjoy absolute economies of scale!!

3. Weakening opposition parties
Besides the lawsuits that have plagued WP, NSP is in turmoil with significant party members leaving it. There are currently so many new political parties – Sing First formed by Tan Jee Say and now People’s Power formed by Goh Meng Seng. This has greatly increased the chance of 3-corner fights.
Previously, PAP has been extremely scared of fighting in SMCs and that’s why analysts even suspected that one day GRC will grow to have 10 or 15 members!! But all these changed the moment WP captured Aljunied from them. The GRC is a double-edged sword, you can prevent opposition from coming in, but once they are in, their numbers will be very significant. So, if each opposition party captures a GRC, we are looking at the entry of easily more than 30 opposition MPs!!
That’s why the LHL has suddenly become “daring” and opt for more SMCs. He wants to encourage in-fighting among the opposition and make sure all SMCs are involved in 3-corner fights. The statistics do not lie! When it comes to 3-corner fights in SMCs, PAP ALWAYS triumph!!

BUT you know what? Man proposes, God disposes! No matter how despicable your dirty tricks are, you cannot stop the “Acts of God”. The MRT broke down in an unprecedented history, stranding 250,000 commuters who were trying to return home after a day’s hard work!! Then, there is the poor workmanship in what should have been premium HDB flats!! All we are now short of is another massive flood OR a power failure to completely show that even the Gods are angry at the PAP!!

WHY should the Gods be angry too?? Because this PAP government is INHUMAN!! They see us as dollars & cents and not as human beings!! We cannot find job, they call us lazy. They do not blame themselves for flooding the market with cheap foreign labour!! We cannot accumulate wealth, they say because we are not working hard enough. How do you accumulate wealth when cars and flats are costing so much?!?! And we have not only ONE but TWO casinos to tempt us to lose our hard-earned money!!

It is so sad that our problem is directly opposite to that of Greece. Their government is a caring one and wants to take care of every Greek but it has run out of money to do so. On the other hand, our government is loaded with money but chooses not to spend and instead let our old folks collect cardboards and sell tissue paper!! A real WTF if you ask me!!

SO, I think it is time we stop asking why we should vote opposition party into parliament and start asking why should PAP remain in the parliament!! At the rate they are going, they are really LAWLESS!! Jason Neo, a PAP member who posted, “bus filled with young terrorist trainees” on his Facebook was let off scot free. Then, when a PAP MP said something seditious in nature, he too was not punished!! All these point to a growing corrupted power that must be stopped before it is too late!! Just look at our neighbor Najib. The whole world knows that he has taken the money, yet he can still shamelessly cry innocent and refuse to step down!! We must not let this ever happen to us!! Now is the time to show these damned servants that we are the real masters and not the other way round!!

Prof MC

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