Law Minister K Shanmugam wrote in a Facebook post yesterday to denounce the "bullying actions"  of a Caucasian man who berated a teenager on the same MRT for more than 2 minutes. Taking a surprisingly tough stance against the foreigner, Shanmugam said he hopes action will be taken against the man who was captured in the video, which was posted on A.S.S. and quickly went viral on social media.
In his Facebook post, the Law Minister called it "unacceptable bullying conduct" and said that "people like this are sick in their mind and try to take it out on others".
"I hope his employer will take some action against him – he brings his organisation into disrepute."
Mr Shanmugam, praising the commuter who confronted the bully, said: "Good to see someone, in this case Elfy, standing up to this bully. His comments on the incident, that we are a multiracial society that should respect each other, are wise."
A passenger by the name of Elfy eventually stepped in, confronted the man and told him to stop his aggressive behaviour.
Both of them got out of the train at Ang Mo Kio station, as instructed by the police. However, police at the station platform did not take any action against the raging Caucasian man and even allowed him to board the train again.
When contacted yesterday, the police declined comment.

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