A PRC woman has become the target of outraged netizens when she refused to allow firefighters to break into her BMW, which had accidentally locked itself with her toddler son trapped inside.

From eye witnesses, the unnamed mother was unable to open the door because the BMW’s locking system had come into play with her son and her keys still inside.

Her 3 year-old son was inside and rapidly suffocating from the heat and lack of oxygen as none of the windows were open.

Firefighters who arrived at the scene in Yiwu city, China, were about to break the glass to rescue the boy – but his mum told them she wanted to wait for a locksmith instead so the car would not be damaged.

Stunned onlookers looked on in horror as the toddler cried inside the vehicle as the oxygen levels rapidly went down.

When the boy started to faint, firefighters eventually took matters into their own hands and smashed the glass to rescue the young boy.

One of the firefighters was quoted as saying: “It’s very dangerous to leave children inside cars, especially in such heat. It can threaten a child’s life in a very short time.”

The mother was blasted on social media, with one person writing: “It looks like the car is her real son.”

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