“Foreign share of  workforce to remain at one-third”
According to the My Paper news report “Foreign share of  workforce to remain at one-third” (Jul 15) – “The Government aims to maintain the foreign share of Singapore’s workforce at the current one-third level, at a pace that the country can accomodate”.
Foreign share of workforce is 37.4%?
In fact, this reply in Parliament probably “can’t count properly”, as it is 37.4 per cent foreigners and not 33.3 per cent (1,355,700 foreigners divided by the total of 3.622,800 in employment).
The difference of 4.1 per cent between 33.3 and 37.4 per cent is a whopping 148,535 more foreign workers!
Non-citizens in workforce is 47%?
Why is there also no breakdown of the 2,267,100 locals in employment into Singaporeans and PRs? If we add the PRs to the 1,355,700 foreigners in employment – the percentage of non-citizens is estimated to be about 46.7 per cent with an estimated 14.6 per  cent of the locals being PRs.
Half of worforce are not true-blue Singaporeans?
And if we adjust for new citizens – perhaps about half the workforce are already not true-blue Singaporeans.
With a total of 153,923 new citizens granted from 2007 to 2014 – what percentage of the 53.3% Singaporeans in the workforce are true-blue Singaporeans?
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