Drama, mystery and an uncanny dash of romance (Hi Claire). People have literally came from all over the world, desperately hoping to gain exclusive information, to further unravel the tale of Amos Yee.

And I know, that no one, but me, has the solutions to all the unanswered questions in this scintillating saga: What were the conditions in IMH that that lead me to my 5-day starvation? What did the policemen do to me as they strapped me on the bed? How did I manage to post on Facebook while I was in prison? (That’s a big one, maybe you should consult Benedict Cumberbatch).

However, no matter how riveting and enigmatic the story may be, no interviews dearies, no interviews. The story is way too good to have the risk of it being bowdlerized and fucked in the ass by reporters.
So who then, is the most qualified to tell the story in its entirety? Stay tuned monkey-fuckers, stay tuned.

Amos Yee

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