This story has the makings of a typical TV crime serial – 2 teenagers, one 17 year-old boy and a 13 year-old girl, were allegedly forced to have sex at a staircase landing by a 22 year-old ruffian. The reason? The 22 year-old had allegedly raped the young girl and was forcing his 17 year-old friend to do the same so that if he tried to rat out the older male, he would get into trouble too.
The 17 year-old refused, despite being threatened by the man, and so their assailant decided to take photos of them in compromising positions and spread the photos online. This took place in July last year, according to a news report written by local Chinese evening papers.
The 17 year-old told reporters that he felt "remorseful" for not being able to protect the girl from the 22 year-old ruffian, who is known to be a famous gangster whose base of influence centers around Choa Chu Kang's Lot 1 shopping mall. He claims that he used to be friends with the 22 year-old, but is now no longer on talking terms.
Yet another side to the story has emerged, this time provided by the pregnant girlfriend of the alleged rapist and gangster, who goes by the name of "W".
According to "W", her husband-to-be was no where near the crime scene where the 17 year-old boy and the 13 year-old girl were photographed in their sex act. In her email to A.S.S., she described the 17 year-old boy as a former friend of the 22 year-old who fell out over a misunderstanding and was now intent on defaming her husband-to-be.
She revealed that the 13 year-old girl has had a long history of sexual partners, including an alleged threesome, and that she ("W") had informed the 13 year-old's mother about the girl's activities and allegations. Upon learning of her daughter's activities, "W" claims that the girl's mother came under immense stress and was later hospitalized. 
"W" also criticized the police in their handling of investigations, claiming that her husband had been threatened and insulted by police officers during their interrogations, even though there was no physical proof that he had raped the 13 year-old girl. "W" claimed that the investigation officer had even conducted a blood test for her husband to test if he had contracted a sexually transmitted disease from the girl, but found that he had not. The officer also requested to conduct a lie detector test for "W"'s husband-to-be, but the test has yet to be carried out despite a long wait, says "W".
To the police officers, "W" had this to say: "Please be impartial and uphold justice, when you overlook the loopholes, you could actually tear up a young family. The worst people are the ones who are indeed lying but gets scot-free just because they 'are the victims' when they are not. Many of us knew the girl and her very happening life. She IS NOT innocent at all. She was the one who allowed the guy in photo to perform such an act together."
"W" also had harsh words for the 17 year-old boy, "And to the guy, stop lying. Everyone knows you are a good liar who lies without blinking or twitch. You are not at all guilty because you were the one who did the act to the girl and both were willing parties. Just because your photo went viral does not mean you could panic and frame my husband, just so that you would not get into trouble yourself. Ask yourself clearly who was the one who took the photo and where the photo was actually sent to/sent around. Your lying ass needs to pay the rightful price."
A case of he-says-she-says? Which account is truthful and which account is false?

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