Last Friday, Facebook user Nabilah alerted A.S.S. to an old Caucasian man who verbally abused a teenager and tried to beat him up, but was thankfully stopped by a Malay man, Elfie, who managed to chase the raging Caucasian man off the train, where Special Operations Command (SOC) policemen were stationed and waiting for him.

But netizens continued to wonder whether any action was taken against the crazed Caucasian. Would the Caucasian get a warning from the police or SMRT? Did he continue to cause a scene after alighting? Did he threaten Elfie or anybody else? All these answers were finally revealed by a Facebook user who says he is the person who filmed the entire incident.

“The police officers who appeared to be from the Special Operations Command was asking him [old Caucasian man] to calm down and that’s it.

“When we tried to show what actually happened as proof, they refused to watch.

“They allowed the angry old man to take the same train together with us. LOL

“But luckily after the police left, the old man walked away.”

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