Mumbai police officers tried to use a 17 year-old girl to lure out her 2 rapists, but ended up getting her raped for the 2nd time.

The victim approached local police on 7th July and told them that she had been raped by two men. The rapists contacted her mother several times and demanded Rs 2,000 in return for a cellphone which contained a video clip of the rape. The accused told the victim to meet them at a particular spot if she wanted her phone.

“The plan was that the victim would be escorted by the police to the spot. She was to meet them on July 9, at 8 pm. The victim, however, mistook a regular patrol van which passed by her house as the escort vehicle and thought that was the signal for her to leave for the spot,” said Special Inspector General of Police Vishwas Nagre Patil.

The victim, who was alone, was then intercepted by the accused and raped for the second time.

“There was miscommunication between all. Involving the victim was not the right way. Laying a trap was a blunder,” said Patil. “To take the help of a victim who is traumatised, and risking her in this situation is a major blunder,” he added.

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