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I was fetching my kids off from School and it was raining luckily i realise that there was a drop off point near my block so i did not worry.

But when i reach the drop off point there was a car not waiting but treat as if is their personal parking lot and no one was in the car.

Then i waited for a while as i was thinking maybe they driver is fetching some kids to the lift. But after waiting for 10mins no one show up therefore i was left with no choice but to ferry my 3 year old kids from the car park to my block which will get wet due to lack of shelter from the carpark to the block. After fetching my kids up, i went back to the drop off area and found out the car was still parked there.

i was so furious and i wanted to let the driver know that it was meant to be a drop off not parking lot. After a while, two ladies show up and i told them off that since both of them are so young why don’t get themselve an unbrella and go through the car park. One girl reply ” call the police lah, then what you want me to do.” I am writing this to tell you that the drop off shelther is meant for kids and elderly drop off. If you wanna have your car park lot, go and buy a landed property.

I dare to post here means i am waiting for you to come find me….. waiting……

Ronnie Teo

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