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Dear editor

I saw this picture in a local discussion forum. Someone posted a picture of a Caucasian male in SAF number 4 uniform. From the Khaki beret, it is clear that this soldier is a Guardsmen.

I am not sure whether this Caucasian gentleman is a Singapore PR or a Singapore Citizen.

Regardless of his nationality status, I am proud of this Caucasian soldier who donned our SAF uniform to protect our home land.

But I am disturbed by some of the comments I saw on the internet. Some are not happy why foreigners or Singapore PR should serve NS as it is a national threat but another group complain that foreigners should serve NS. It is clear to me Singaporeans are a bunch of complainers and whiners who do not know what they want and they will bitch about every damn thing in Singapore.

There is another small group of Singaporeans who are trying very hard to downgrade their PES status to avoid military training, methods include getting appointments with IMH to leave a medical record and some even went to the extreme to ‘keng siao’ get themselves a stay with the mental institution!

On the other hand, some non-local born people are more than willing to don our military uniform to protect Singapore and along the way, protect a small bunch of whiners and “kengsters” who do not believe in protecting our homes and families. These small group of “kengsters” should be ashamed of themselves for allowing others to protect their own home.

As a former S2 spec, I can only say: The threats from foreign aggressors are real.

A.S.S Contributor
Ben L

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