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Basically, this news is about a Secondary 2 student at a local secondary school. She sent nude photos and videos of herself masturbating on camera to a total stranger she met online. The stranger called himself “Andy Lee” on facebook. The stranger educated the girl about sex and gradually her facebook posts became more sexual. Later on, after they quarreled, the unknown person threatened to release the video of the girl masturbating to the readers of the facebook group “A group to find friends/couple and sweet brothers and sisters”.

The “Andy Lee” did post the video of the girl masturbating but the video was removed by the group’s administrator only after an hour.

One netizen on the forum revealed more details: “actually from the whatsapp conversations, the girl initially send the guy her nude photos and videos willingly, and they keep having sex talks. But not sure why they suddenly had some quarrels (didnt post any whatsapp convo about their quarrels) and then the girl suddenly posted say the guy threaten her, and the guy came and quarrel with her and her friends in fb, and then he posted her videos and nudes.

Another netizen wrote that Andy Lee would face criminal charges if he was caught for spreading underage pornography, but also chided the girl for being so foolish. “Saw the saga at facebook just now. Guy really posted her masturbation videos as well as their whatsapp conversations and it was only deleted after 1 hour. Think the guy sure will kena invite to drink kopi soon. the girl is only 14….send masturbation videos to random guy she never meet before, and still say wanna have sex with him etc (she sounds super despo)?”

The biggest problem is that “Andy Lee” is still not found. Netizens were unable to discover his real identity.This sick pedophile must be reported to the police or else he will prey on more girls. The student may know more about him since they apparently know each other’s phone number. Hopefully our police force will do something and bring “Andy Lee” to justice. He has threatened the girl and released child pornography online. This is a crime under Singapore laws.

Meanwhile the girl must also be educated on proper online conduct. Her parents and school should advise her accordingly. If young girls without any sex education are relying on online predators to get information about sex, it does not bode well for our society. I also hope the pro family group that is opposing LGBT can actually do something positive and help future generations get a proper sex education. I’m in my mid forties and I’m extremely annoyed to see so many cases of schoolchildren participating in depraved sex acts, be it online or offline.

Samuel Ng
A.S.S. Contributor

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