Police had to be called into over a dispute between 33 year-old Jover Chew, the infamous owner of handphone chop shop Mobile Air, and his wife Winnie Koh yesterday night.

According to Shin Min Daily, 32 year-old Ms Koh continues to live with Chew despite telling reporters that she had left him in May. However, on Sunday night, she returned home and found that Chew had changed the number on their house’s digital lock.

Ms Koh called the police as she was angry about being locked out of the house.

Ms Koh’s father, Chew’s mother and other relatives went there later, but both families refused to be interviewed on the scene. The families had a loud discussion in the apartment for about an hour before leaving at around midnight.

Chew and Koh continued to argue after their family members left.

The police said they had received a call requesting assistance at 9.16pm on Sunday night in a case of dispute.

Both parties managed to settle the matter amicably and no further police assistance was required, police added.

Chew is known for allegedly overcharging a Vietnamese tourist for a mobile phone at his Sim Lim Square shop in 2014 and for rudely dispensing thousands of dollars in refunds to a Singaporean female customer while hurling insults at her. He is facing charges of cheating and criminal intimidation.

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