Dear Mr Tan Chuan Jin,

I was heartened and impressed by your sincerity when I read your Facebook post about cardboard collectors. When you described the elderly folk who collected cardboard sheets – not because they are poor – but because they wanted to exercise and keep themselves occupied, I immediately thought of my auntie.

You see, my 70 year-old auntie collects cardboards with a cart to help the recycling effort, she doesn’t mind if the waste company doesn’t pay her for her effort, she is middle class with an environmental mission.

She looks dark and skinny because she is into healthy living, less body fat equals a longer life she said.

Sometimes she pushes her cardboard cart into the middle of the road like she doesn’t care about her life. The truth is she is not a driver and doesn’t know much about the traffic laws. We have since educated her about it.

I am glad that your ministry finally recognizes the contributions of people like my auntie, who work tirelessly day and night to keep Singapore clean – not because they are poor, mind you. In fact, to go one step further, I believe we should award all cardboard collectors with medals or a badge of honor so that they can go around collecting cardboard sheets with their heads held high.

I really hope MSF can seriously consider my suggestion.

A.S.S. Contributor

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