Netizens were shocked to find viral pictures circulating today which showed a bloodstained wall with the words “I AM SORRY” written on it. The creepy picture has prompted netizens to discuss whether the image was just a prank or a lovers’ spat gone wrong.

It seems reporters from the Chinese evening daily have managed to uncover the truth about the mysterious bloodstained message – the image may have been the result of a quarrel between two homosexual youths.

According to the Chinese papers, a 19 year-old homosexual youth had gone to his lover’s home to apologize for a quarrel, and had even gone to the extent of using a knife to draw his own blood to write his apology on the wall!

The incident took place around noon today on the 6th storey corridor of Choa Chu Kang BLK 214. According to neighbors, the 19 year-old lover had caused a scene outside of his lover’s home. The two men appeared to be about the same age.

One neighbour, Mr Ye, said that he first heard shouting and a commotion, then metal gates slamming. He said that he saw the 19 year-old youth collapsed on the floor in a conscious state, surrounding by 6 police officers who had to persuade him to not harm himself.

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